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Pet Ferret and Pet Rabbit Boarding and Rescue in Colchester, Essex and London

Small Animals Boarding welcomes you to our:

Pet Ferret,Pet Rabbit and Pet Rodent Hotel

Fed up asking a relative or friend to help you out by caring for your pet ferret, rabbit or rodent whilst you are on holiday or working away or do you just want a rest ?

Want your ferret, rabbit or rodent to have more care than a 9-5 pet shop boarding facility could offer ?

Want specialist care for your pet ferret, rabbit or rodent that a kennel, cattery, pet minder or housesitter just can’t offer ?

Congratulations, you’ve discovered an alternative in Small Animals Boarding.

We offer a first class housing, husbandry and hygiene service for your pet ferret, rabbit or rodent.

Our Ferret, Rabbit and Rodent Hotel accommodation is brand new, heated, draught free and our staff are enthusiastic animal lovers.

We cater for all your pet rabbit or rodent needs, all you have to do is give us a call or click here to book your ferret, rabbit or rodent’s stay online with us at Small Animals Boarding, offering a home away from home for your pets.

For Bunny Rabbits (a Lagomorpha not a rodent), Dutch, Dwarf, Netherland, Polish, Himalayan, Angora, Lop, Silver, Chinchilla Giganta, English, Havana, Flemish Giant, Californian, Beveren, Rex, Sable, French and Satins we provide fresh hay as the diet basis supplemented with a good quality bunny rabbit mix containing balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. In addition, a variety of other foods including grass, cabbage and dandelion are fed. A well-rabbit vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Guinea Pigs (Cavies), English, American, Crested, Agouti, Abyssinian, Sheltie, Dutch, Himalayan, Satin, Rex, Coronets, Peruvians, Texels and Alpacas we provide fresh hay supplemented with a good quality guinea pig mix containing alfalfa, rolled oats, split peas, flaked corn and wheat. In addition, small quantities of fresh vegetables or fruit such as apple, carrot, swede, broccoli, celery, cucumber, tomato, pear, cabbage and freshly picked grass are fed. A vitamin C supplement is added to their water.

For both bunny rabbits and guinea pigs, periods of time are spent in the garden within the confines of your pet bunny rabbit or guinea pig’s run to benefit from our grass lawn, which holds the key to a healthy bunny rabbit or guinea pig. The high fibre content is essential for normal gut function, the low fat content helps prevent obesity, the high calcium levels keep their bones strong and the chewing grinds down their cheek teeth preventing dental disease. The benefit from a little ‘sunbathing’ is to make vitamin D for which sunlight is needed. This is done under supervision and is subject to the time of year.

To prevent hairballs and to keep their coats shiny and clean, the Angoras and other long haired furries are groomed daily.

For Hamsters, Syrian, Golden, Russian, Chinese, Dwarf and Roborovski we provide a quality hamster food mix complete with all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients these omnivores require. In addition, carrot, lettuce, sunflower seeds, peanuts and cabbage are fed. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Gerbils, we offer a complete gerbil food bursting with delicious, nutritious ingredients, like alfalfa, pumpkin seeds, raisins and carrot. It includes protein (for growth), carbohydrates (for energy), fibre (for digestion) and vitamins and minerals (for healthy bones and teeth). A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Mice, we offer a complete mouse food bursting with the best combination of clipped or rolled oats, mixed corn, flaked maize and dried crushed peas. Dog biscuits give the mice something extra to gnaw on and are quite nutritious. Root crops such as carrot, turnip and swede are good and filling. Occasionally a bowl of bread soaked in milk provides a welcome change being a good source of vitamin B and calcium. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Fancy Rats, we offer a complete dry rat mix full of protein, fibre, carbohydrates, oils, vitamins and minerals all within the alfalfa, poultry meat meal and field beans. Rats enjoy chewing the meat off bones and then gnawing into them to extract the marrow. This gives them extra nutrition and provides good exercise for their teeth. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Degus, we offer a mixture comprising of 50% chinchilla, guinea pig, rabbit and rat complete foods. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Jirds, we offer a mixture comprising of hamster and gerbil complete foods. Favourites are sunflower seeds digestive biscuits and raisins. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Chinchillas, we offer a complete food that has an exciting mix with a variety of textures and tastes and is bursting with delicious, nutritious ingredients, like alfalfa, raisins, carrot and flaked peas which is low in fat and high in protein and fibre to keep peak condition. This is augmented with a supply of fresh hay to provide essential roughage. They have a dust bath (a mined volcanic dust) daily to keep their fur in peak condition. Chewing on pieces of untreated, wooden branches and cuttlebone is something they love to gnaw and helps to keep their teeth nice and short. The cuttlefish bone is a good form of calcium supplement. A well-chinchilla vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Chipmunks, we offer a specially formulated mix of grains, nuts and pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables. Peanuts and sunflower seeds are given in small amounts as these are extremely popular with chipmunks and some form an addiction choosing them above all other foods and causing dietary problems and obesity. Gnawing on wood and twigs keeps their teeth in trim. Cuttlefish bone is a good form of calcium supplement. Egg whites and garden worms are a good source of protein. A well-rodent vitamin supplement is added to their water.

For Ferrets, these carnivores require regular and high levels of dietary protein and fat to develop strong muscles, healthy bones and to prevent illness with a negligible need for carbohydrate and fibre. We provide a complete dried food that contains all the nutritional requirements your ferret needs. Ferrets are fed throughout the day eating small frequent meals, this is due to the fact that they have an extremely short digestive tract and food passes through within 3-4 hours. In order to fulfil their nutritional needs and energy levels we feed at regular intervals.

General care guide for ferrets, rabbits and rodents

Constant availability of fresh water.

All fruit and vegetables are thoroughly washed before feeding.

Food bowls, water bottles, litter trays, dust baths and toys are cleaned regularly.

We also provide mineral stones to help keep teeth worn down and salt lick stones as salt forms an essential part of their metabolism.

Hutches, runs and caged housings are cleaned and changed daily.

High priority is given to stimulation, foraging and social contact contributing to achieving the happiness and general well-being of your pet rabbit or rodent whilst in our care.

We welcome owners to view and inspect the premises and visit the resident pony, cats, dogs, fish, birds, parrots, reptiles, bunny rabbits and rodents at Small Animals Boarding before boarding their pet(s).

We offer appropriate housings, however they are limited. Our brand new rabbit housings are the luxurious size of 5ft x 2ft. Daily exercising is accommodated in a 10ft x 8ft secure area.

We have relations with local Veterinary practices which offer a 24 hour service should a need arise.

We offer a collection and delivery service should you require the convenience.

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